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Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World 04 Box FB-04 Eng



New 5 leaders and lots of new characters!

Including the “black card” added frin set 3, fuve bew keaders ub fuve cikirs ebter tge fray!! Numerous new characters not included in the series have joined the game!

Highly used cards with luxurious specifications!

Of the 143 cards in total, 22 are parallel cards with different illustrations!
In addition, three of them are “Premium Reprint Cards!” with new thematic illustrations of versatile cards from the cards up to Booster 3!
This “Premium Reprint Card” has a special illustration touch, with the image shown at right,

The first holographic illustration cards in Fusion World are included!

A special hologram of the illustration itself, previously included in past Masters, is included as an Alt-Art version of the Secret Rare card! The card will also be gold foil-stamped, making it a very luxurious card!

Five of the 30 rare cards also include special foil-stamped editions

Five new characters will be included in the Rarity: Rare cards,
Those characters will have a foil-stamped Alt-Design version as well as a standard version.

Promotion code for the digital version!

A promotion code for the digital version of the product is also included in the package!
We will liven up Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World with a special promotion where customers can get a digital pack of the game in addition to the products they purchase!

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